Amphora Austria – Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel – “Fates” Art Nouveau vase

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Manufacturer: Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel – Amphora

Type: “The Fates Sirens”

Style: Art Nouveau

Material: Bone chine, paint and gilding

Period: 1900 – 1909


This magnificent vase was crafted by Amphora from Turn-Teplice, an area that was once part of the Austrian Empire. Amphora is renowned for its production of high-quality decorative porcelain objects in the Art Nouveau style and was founded by Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel in 1892.

The vase is made of ivory porcelain and features a characteristic symbolist Art Nouveau depiction. It stands on a widened base and is adorned with a relief decoration of sirens, flowers, and tadpoles swimming upwards from the depths towards the sirens at the water’s surface. This depiction symbolizes fertility, transformation, and happiness.

The underwater scene is enriched with a lightly iridescent glaze, while the above-water scene is enhanced in green and yellow matte paint with accents in gold paint.

The bottom of the vase bears a relief stamp of “Amphora.”


Height: 40cm / 15.75”

Diameter base: 14cm / 5.51”

Diameter body: 19,5cm / 6.68”

Weight: 3.14kg / 6,92lb

Condition: Excellent condition, production crack at the base


Vreeland – Monsters and Maidens – Collector’s Edition. Blz. 186.

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