Le Verre Français – Art Deco vase executed in the “Coprin” motif – 1923 / 1926

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Manufacturer: Le Verre Français – Charles Schneider

Motif: Coprin

Style: Art Deco

Material: Molded and free-formed glass, reduced, improved pontil

Color: Cream white with turquoise inclusions, burgundy and red

Period: 1920 – 1929


This elegant vase executed in the “Coprin” decor is a beautiful example of Charles Schneider’s craftsmanship under his brand “Le Verre Français.” Le Verre Français is renowned for its high-quality art glass, often characterized by vibrant colors and bold art deco designs.

The period in which this vase was produced, between 1923 and 1926, was a flourishing era for the Art Deco style, in which Schneider and his team had a significant influence. The “Coprin” decor inspired by the ink cap mushroom is a uncommon and highly esteemed design for the collectors of Le Verre Français. The engraved mushrooms surrounding the vase adds a playful and organic element to the overall design, making the vase even more unique.

The top of the foot is signed with “Le Verre Français.”


Height: 250mm / 9.84”

Diameter top: 100mm / 3.94”

Diameter foot: 100mm / 3.94”

Condition: Mint


Charles Schneider – Le Verre Français / Charder – Marie Christine Joulin & Gerold Maier. Page 131.

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