Johann Loetz Witwe – Ausfuehrung 146 Titania vase – 1912

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Manufacturer: Johann Loetz Witwe

Decor: Ausfuehrung 146

Style: Jugendstil

Material: Molded and free-formed glass, reduced, improved pontil

Color: Titania – red with green

Period: 1910 – 1919


The Ausführung 146 vase by Johann Loetz Witwe is a stunning example of early 20th-century glass artistry, showcasing the innovative techniques and aesthetic sensibilities that defined the Art Nouveau movement, particularly within the Titania glass series. Johann Loetz Witwe, a Bohemian glassworks company, was renowned for its iridescent art glass, and Ausführung 146 is one of the exemplary executions that illustrate the company’s mastery in this “Titania” craft.

Ausführung 146 is a variation of the Titania series, which was introduced in 1905. Titania glass features an array of vibrant color combinations. Each piece showcases intricate patterns crafted from steel-gray glass threads, which are applied over the colored base. These patterns categorize the pieces into distinct types of Titania glass. The final touch involves encasing each piece in a layer of clear glass, enhancing its overall elegance.

The creation of a vase in Ausführung 146 requires a high level of skill and precision. The process begins with selecting high-quality glass, which is then blown and shaped by hand. The artisans at Johann Loetz Witwe were known for their expertise in manipulating glass to create intricate designs and textures.


Height: 140mm / 5.51”

Diameter: 105mm / 4.13”

Condition: Mint


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