Johann Loetz Witwe – Ausführung 140 – “Controlled bubbles” in ground color Green

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Manufacturer: Johann Loetz Witwe

Decor: Ausführung 140

Style: Jugendstil

Material: Molded and free-formed glass, reduced, improved pontil, iridescence

Color: Green, inner Titania glass layer

Period: 1900 – 1909


This masterpiece executed in Ausführung 140 is a true testament to the artistry and innovation of the Jugendstil era.

Adorned in a captivating ground color of verdant green, this vase exudes a sense of natural splendor that is both captivating and evocative. However, its true beauty lies in the intricate layers of glasswork that adorn its surface, each telling a story of craftsmanship and creativity.

At its core, the vase boasts an inner layer of titania glass threads, delicately woven to create a mesmerizing interplay of light and texture. These threads dance within the glass, casting enchanting shadows and lending an ethereal quality to the piece. Surrounding them is a layer of controlled air bubbles, suspended in a delicate dance that adds depth and intrigue to the vase’s design.

Finally, the outer layer of green glass encases this symphony of elements, providing a glossy finish that enhances the vase’s luminous presence. With each glance, new details emerge, inviting admiration and appreciation for the skill and artistry required to create such a masterpiece.

It’s important to note that while the accompanying pictures offer a glimpse into the vase’s beauty, they cannot fully capture the breathtaking colors and textures of the glass. The subtle nuances and iridescence of the glass can only be fully appreciated in person, adding to the allure and mystique of this remarkable piece.


Height: 145mm / 5.71”

Diameter top: 65mm / 2.56”

Diameter body: 120mm / 4.72″

Condition: Mint


Prestel – Böhmisch Glas 1880 – 1940 Band 1 Werkmonographie – Page 269.


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