Johann Loetz Witwe – Exceptional Phänomen Genre 1/158 vase

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Manufacturer: Johann Loetz Witwe

Decor: Phänomen Genre 1/158

Style: Jugendstil

Material: Molded and free-formed glass, reduced, improved pontil

Color: Russian-green

Period: 1900 – 1909


This vase made by Johann Loetz Witwe in Phänomen Genre 1/158 is one of the best examples of this PG. The iridescence is a think layer full of colour what drips from the top to the bottom of the vase. The complex shape of the vase with a round base, a twisted body and a triangle shaped opening contributes even more in the brilliance and appereance of this vase.

The base is grounded to make sure the vase stands straight and has a improved pontil with a “Loetz Austria” signature.


Height: 195mm/ 7.67″

Diameter: 75mm / 2.95”

Condition: Mint

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