Johann Loetz Witwe – Phänomen Genre 3/430 – “Yellow Argus” vase – 1904

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Manufacturer: Johann Loetz Witwe

Decor: Phänomen Genre 3/430

Style: Jugendstil

Material: Molded and free-formed glass, reduced, improved pontil, iridescent

Color: Yellow

Period: 1900 – 1909


The Johann Loetz Witwe Phänomen Genre 3/430 represents a captivating variation of the Phänomen Genre 2/351, initially introduced in 1902. The key distinction between these two PG models lies in the ground color of the glass. The inaugural Phänomen Genre is exclusively executed in the ground color “Spreading Chestnut.”

The name “Argus,” borne by both these Phänomen Genre variations, holds a profound symbolic significance. Argus, a giant in Greek mythology, possessed a staggering 100 eyes distributed across his body, with never more than two asleep at any given time. This gave rise to the proverbial expression “eyes of Argus.” The iridescent dots or “eyes” shared by both Phänomen Genre vases serve as a symbolic homage to the vigilant eyes of Argus.

The elegant form of this vase was conceived in 1904 and is documented in literature as Series II Production Number 1211, showcasing the meticulous design and craftsmanship characteristic of Johann Loetz Witwe. The incorporation of mythological symbolism and the exquisite glasswork highlight the timeless appeal of the Phänomen Genre series, making this particular variation a captivating testament to the artistry of its era.


Height: 130mm / 5.11”

Diameter: 140mm / 5.51”

Condition: Mint


Prestel – Böhmisch Glas 1880 – 1940 Band 1 Werkmonographie. Page 157.

Prestel – Böhmisch Glas 1880 – 1940 Band 2 Katalog der Musterschnitte. Page 149 & 447.

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