Lötz Böhmisch Glas 1880 bis 1940 – Band 2 Katalog der Musterschnitte – Prestel

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Lötz Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940′ by Helmut Ricke, Tomáš Vlček, Alena Adlerová and Ernst Ploil

Lötz Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940′ by Jan Mergl, Ernst Ploil and Helmet Ricke, German Edition published in 2003 by Hatje Cantz, 352 pages.

ISBN: 3-7757-1321-2

Probabably this is the first book you should invest in as a collector – or potential collector – of Loetz glass. In its 350 pages it contains numerous articles on the history of the Loetz company, the glass it manufactured, and the designers it worked with. There are useful lists of the signatures and marks that will help you to identify genuine Loetz glass. There is also a catalogue of decorations.

This book with dust cover, is the German edition of the Neue Galerie book (ISBN: 3-7757-1322-0).

As shown on the loetz.com website (https://loetz.com/books-and-other-publications).

Condition: Used, including dust cover, exclusive CD-ROM

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