Osiris – Metallwarenfabrik für Kleinkunst Walter Scherf & Co. – Friedrich Adler – Jugendstil Jardiniere

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Manufacturer: Osiris – Metallwarenfabrik für Kleinkunst Walter Scherf & Co.

Designer: Friedrich Adler

Object: Jardiniere

Style: Jugendstil

Material: Gilded pewter, glass insert with etched wavy lines

Color: Gold and colorless glass

Period: 1900 – 1909


This iconic Art Nouveau bowl was designed in the year 1900 by Friedrich Adler (1878-c1942) and produced by Metallwarenfabrik für Kleinkunst Walter Scherf & Co. Friedrich Adler came from a Jewish family of artisans and merchants who settled in his hometown of Laupheim in the 18th century.

Friedrich Adler is known for his early designs in textiles, ivory carving and leather goods and later in metal as he executed for Orion and Walter Scherf & Co. (Isis and Osiris), Reinenmann, Lichtinger and Silberwarenfabrik Peter Bruckmann & Söhne.

After completing his education at the International School Mittemberg am Main, he started at the School of Applied Arts in Munich in the year 1894. During this education and through the influence of his teacher Hermann Obrist, he was strongly inspired by the Munich Jugendstil design which in the period up to 1907 is therefore clearly reflected in his designs and in the design of this particular bowl.

The frame of this bowl is made of gilded pewter and consists of two parts, namely a base plate in which the glass bowl is carried and the frame. The floral decoration of flower buds, stamens and stems are applied on both sides where the flower buds are accented with enamels.

This identical bowl is included in the collection of the “Städtische Sammlung im Heimatmuseum”.


Length: 530mm / 20.86”

Depth: 270mm / 10.62″

Height: 125mm / 4.92″

Condition: Good condition, there are scratches on the inside of the glass insert


Arnoldsche – Freidrich Adler – Zwischen Jugendstil und Art Déco. Page 179.

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